Inspiring Blog Posts

I love to write. Writing is a passion of mine, and words just flow through me. I often feel I am guided.

I love to share about my personal experiences, and it is wonderful when people come back to me and tell me, that I made their day.

I love to inspire others, and show them that they are not alone out there, and that there is always hope.

I love to write about many spiritual topics and be open with you all.
Enjoy reading.

Warm hugs to you all.

Caroline Palmy

I used to force myself, forced myself to bloom. Being in and observing nature, my love for flowers have allowed me to get into a more relaxed state and bloom when you are ready is my way of doing it nowadays....

Skiing is a passion of mine, ever since I was a little girl. I love feeling the freedom it brings, and the joy of skiing has helped me over some sad experiences in my life too. Enjoy reading about experience freedom while doing something you...

How spiritual are you, even if you eat meat, gluten and drink caffeine? Are you feeling guilty for enjoying things that are deemed non spiritual? Please enjoy your life, and listen to your own body for guidance in what is good for you and what...

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